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we are the specialist in one of the most natural hair loss solutions, Scalp Micro-pigmentation or SMP. Given our specialized expertise, we can help you restore your hairline and confidence today. We practice with the highest standards of precautions and infection control to provide our clients with a safe environment during the procedure.

"With so many people struggling with hair loss, the search for an effective hair loss solution is still ongoing and SMP is an AFFORDABLE, EFFECTIVE, and NON-INVASIVE solution"

Our Story

We are the top SMP specialist shop in Toronto, operating with a foundation in Korea's sophisticated and delicate SMP skills. With extensive experience catering to various types of hair conditions, including many celebrities, we can provide our customers with the best-suited results.

our studio
master helen


Master SMP Artist


As the founder of The Black Light, Helen has been passionate about art since she was 12. In the process, she has been growing her career professionally in Korea and Canada since 2016 to provide men and women with excellent service and feel confident again. Helen has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Sculpture, as well as her skills and techniques in SMP and PMU, which inspired her to start up her own business, “The Black Light.” When Helen isn’t working on clients, she mentors and guides students to apply real-life techniques in their practice and encourages them to pursue what they love.

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