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"Why should I learn at Blacklight Academy?

We provide insights beyond just dotting points to solve baldness. We understand the current market trends and offer guidance based on insightful perspectives that customers seek and quickly understand, shaping the direction of our students' techniques

Franchise Opening Opportunity
Upon completion of the course, Blacklight offers graduates the opportunity to work together and open collaborative branches.
Observation and Feedback
Opportunities for observing procedures and receiving real-time feedback to analyze technique directions and broaden perspectives
SMP Master Course
An all-in-one course covering various types of SMP techniques
Potential Income
For those who have completed an academy or training program in scalp micro pigmentation and have acquired the necessary skills, there is significant potential to earn a substantial income. The income can vary based on factors such as location, reputation, client base, and the quality of work. On average, trained scalp micropigmentation practitioners can earn anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000 per month.
navigating success
Navigating a Career in Scalp Micropigmentation
It's important to note that starting a career in scalp micropigmentation requires not only technical expertise but also marketing skills to attract clients and build a strong reputation in the industry. The potential income range reflects the demand for this service and the value clients place on it as a solution to their hair loss concerns. As with any profession, success in scalp micropigmentation requires dedication, ongoing learning, and providing excellent service to clients.

Differentiated SMP Curriculum

Blacklight Academy offers a unique recipe and a differentiated curriculum tailored to the students' needs, with a solid structure comprising theory, hands-on practice, and marketing know-how, fostering the development of experts

live modeling

Live model Practice

Blacklight focuses on practical training by providing hands-on experience with various scalp types, ensuring ample real-world training before entering the field

high quality

High-quality classes

We provide practical and valuable theoretical and hands-on training that takes students’ perspectives into account in order to deliver immediately applicable insights to customers

head technique

Designs by head type

We teach design methods derived from clinical courses to analyze head shapes and design

to suit the client’s needs

master cousre


Total 11 weeks
CAD 5500

4-week Basic Training

4-week Basic Training

STEP 1    I

Understanding SMP and Mannequin

Application Training

STEP 2    I

Theory of Gradation, Tone-on-Tone, Cubic Effect

STEP 3   I

Practical Marketing Know-How

STEP 4    I

Customer Interaction and Consultation Procedure Training

model class

7-week Live Model Training

STEP 1    I

Practical lesson content applicable

to customers

STEP 2    I

Design based on customer hair styles

STEP 3   I

Building portfolio through practice

STEP 4    I

Shaved Style Design

STEP 5    I

Application of pressure control methods varying by area

STEP 6    I

Certificate Awarded

SMP Advanced Entrepreneurship

This course is available upon completion of the master course.

Exclusively for advanced learners.

advanced class

• For those seeking skill verification 
• For those who want to improve their

    procedure experience in a short period 
• For those wishing to shorten procedure time  

   Shaving/ Male/ Female 
   1:1 lessons for each part, total of 8 weeks 

master course


Total 4 Days
CAD 3500
Include professional kit (over $800 value)

Eye Brow Training

STEP 1    I

Microblading, powder Machine Shading & Combination* Machine feathering eyebrow lessons are optional

STEP 2    I

1:1 tutoring or small group class

STEP 3   I

Practice on live model with our assistance and 1:1 model demo training

STEP 4    I

after completing the class, our experienced mentors will help you succeed


Eye Line Training

STEP 1    I

health and safety

STEP 2    I

eyeliner shape design

STEP 3   I

color theory

STEP 4    I

Various machine techniques for eyeliner

STEP 5    I

End-to-end process with client

Special Bonus
If you want more live model practice to gain real-world experience within a month after completing the class, you can practice with up to 3 people in our studio under the guidance of experts
When you complete 3 models yourself, you will receive a certificate. After completing each model, you will need to email us a before and after photo of the work
Mentoring opportunity
Students can bring their own clients to the shop and the instructor will mentor them closely
(3 months after the class ends)
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